Kill JB is a level made by UlyssesK402. It is an FPS level, and is also UlyssesK's first FPS level. Lawnmower Man is the forced character


You start off with text telling you the controls. The controls are "Lock," which is regular brakes, and "Shoot," which is self explanatory. You see a Sniper, aim, and a "Lawnmower Man" hand, holding the gun. There is also an Irresponsible Mom NPC and an Irresponsible Dad NPC to the right, and the dad is saying "Can't wait to see the JB concert!" There are also 3 TNT barrels.

Then, you see a Baby NPC saying "Hey there guy with a gun! You gonna see JB? Thats what I am gonna do! Trust me, he is pretty good (I think I broke the 4th wall)." This is odd, seeing that the NPCs oddly recognize that they are NPCs in a game, and he is talking to the person at the computer. There is also a TNT barrel if you wanna blow him up.

You see a Segway Guy NPC saying "STOP KILLING JBS FANS! Also, don't you dare kill me, though I am also a fan of JB." There is a TNT barrel in front of him.

You also see a sign saying "JB CONCERT!" and an arrow made with text below it. There is also an Irresponsible Dad NPC with an Irresponsible Son NPC behind him (this resembles a father and son moment). There is also an Effective Shopper NPC and another YOU-KNOW-WHAT barrel. There is also an Explorer Guy NPC and a Girl NPC, waving their hands in the air.

You see an audience with seats, and then you see a dancing Irresponsible Son (JB) NPC on a podium, a microphone, has "Baby, Baby ooh!" text above him, and is dancing to his own music. There is a TNT barrel in front of him and three of them behind him. By the time you shoot JB, you win.


  • Sometimes, when you shoot a barrel, the gun goes wacko and starts spazing out, and then you die. This is a glitch.
  • The barrels were only added so that you can cause more carnage.
  • When you shoot, the green shapes rotating in the aim change to collision 4 and then back to collision 3. This is how the gun shoots.
  • This is this authors first FPS level. It is also his first level with custom controls.
  • It is possible to win without shooting anyone (including Justin Bieber). Basically, scroll all the way to the right until you see JB. Then, shoot either the 1 TNT barrel, or the 3 TNT barrels behind him. You may have blown everything up, but you did not lodge a single bullet in no one. This means that no one was shot, but JB still died.

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