Happy Halloweeeeeen! is a level by LWPeterson. It currently has 40,000 plays with a rating of 5.90 stars from 100 votes. Segway Guy is the forced character. It is an adventure level.

The beginning.


The level has a fair amount of detail, but not an extreme amount of detail. The level uses a good amount of triggers , mechanics, and a good 3D perspective.  


You start next to a tree and a sign that says "Into Town" with a path heading off to the horizon. If you do over the hill, Effective Shopper and Irresponsible Dad's son NPC's will be walking toward you with the Effective Shopper holding a bag of candy and Irresponsible Dad's son saying "Come back with my candy, fatty!". When you jump over them, you will enter a small house with cracked windows with a Wheelchair Guy NPC in it. Once you come out, three holes will appear with a gunshot noise playing ,each time one appears, indicating gunshots in the house. You then go onto a gate, and onto a road, with a few houses in it with

Old man Trick-or-Treating.

people trick-or-treating, with most of them humorous. You then go through another gate, into a small forest, and you come upon a house with Pogostick Man, and Irresponsible Dad's son NPC's. The son is holding a bag of candy, and Pogostick Man is holding a bowl of candy saying "You want candy? Here you go!" and drops the bowl of candy on the son, which makes him explode. then you go inside their basement, where there is a Wheelchair Guy NPC in a trash can, and you pass a lot of big boxes of candy. You pass a bunch of bottles, candy, and a boombox, after that you reach the end of the basement, and you need to jump, boosts will push you out of the basement, onto a street. Segway and Irresponsible Dad's son NPC's are on the street. Irresponsible Dad's son is 

holding a bag of candy, and Segway guy is holding a bowl of candy. Segway Guy says "You want candy? Here you go!"and throws the bowl of candy he is holding at the Irresponsible Dad's son, instantly killing him. You then go forward, onto a grassy hill, go across, and onto a finish line, winning the level. You then fall into a black hole , then the screen says "Happy Halloween! By LWPeterson".



  • Currently the second top rated Halloween level.
  • Currently the fifth top played Halloween level.
  • LWPeterson's second most played level.
  • LWPeterson's second best rated level.

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