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A screenshot of the level.

ESCAPE SCHOOL!  is a level made by LWPeterson. It has a rating of 4.49 stars with over 800 votes, and 240,000 plays. It is an adventure level. Irresponsible Dad is the playable character.


Very much like Table Races! and Easter Bunny NINJA, ESCAPE SCHOOL!  has a very cartoon-like styling to it, with almost everything having a black outline. The NPCs are the main things that do not have a black outline to it. The level is very long, with many users not being able to beat it under 100 seconds. ESCAPE SCHOOL! has gotten very good feedback from users, although a few users said they would like it a bit shorter. LWPeterson describes the level as "The level is easy if you do not rush through it, but it is difficult if you rush through it to try to get the fastest time". Your goal is to get your son out of school, because he is sick of school and wants to escape. You do not actually need your son in order to win.


  • This is actually the re-published version, because the first version got very few plays.
  • Currently LWPeterson's best rated level, and by far the top played of his levels.
  • ESCAPE SCHOOL! Got the top played and the top rated level of the day it was published, and it got as high as the second top played of the week.
  • First level by LWPeterson to reach 100 votes.
  • First level by LWPeterson to reach 100,000 and 200,000 plays.
  • Because of this levels popularity, the advertisement for his youtube channel at the end as well as popular youtubers playing the level caused LWPeterson's youtube channel; MrLarrytheHacker, to gain a number of subscribers.


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