Dunker is a level by DJ_Thanos. Inresponsible Dad is the forced character


Gameplay is simple. You jump and you have to throw or dunk the ball in the basket. However, minor details were made, such as the crowd when the ball goes through the basket, they lift their arms.


  • The crowd in the background will watch as you try and put the ball through the basket, and they will lift their arms "cheering" if you make it. The crowd in the foreground wave their arms all the time.
  • One of the crowd in the foreground can be seen doing the middle finger, but it's not very visible.
  • A Los Angeles Lakers player is behind the basket and you can knock him down with either the ball or yourself.
  • The basket and the net move by physics.
  • If you somehow jump behind the basket and land behind it, you will go into a "black hole" where a yellow face with a spinning basket ball on his finger appears saying "YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!" with an evil-looking face. This yellow face also appeared in another level of his.
  • Dunking the basketball in will start a beat playing from the speakers of the court.

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