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The Beginning.

Diamond Quest #1 Is a level by Bigbloodhead. It has 7 votes with a rating of 4 stars, and 1,400 plays. It is part 1 of 5.


The museum diamonds have been stolen! Your job is to find a replacement. You must acquire a valuable rare diamond from a dark and dangerous cave and bring it to the museum! But watch out, if you are not so quick, you should stay in the cave! Be quick! Find the diamond before the cave collapses!

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They say that there is an incredibly valuable rare diamond hidden in these caves, and your objective is to bring this rare diamond to the museum. You come along with a man well equipped for the journey. He gives you a pistol, some landmines, and his pickaxe to unblock the way. He offers a ride in his tram, but shortly afterwords, the tram was smashed by falling earth. Your adventure continues, you slide down a narrow cave opening into the main diamond room. After dodging various traps and spike pits you find the diamond! But upon taking it from it's place, the cave begins to unsettle. The cave is going to collapse! Can you make it in time?


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