A screenshot from the level City Rescue

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City Rescue is an open-world, highly detailed level made by GHAIS . It currently has over 92,000 plays, and a rating of 4.48 voted from 377 users. Helicopter Man is the forced character.


You begin inside a custom helicopter shell on the roof of a hospital. You have a mission to complete 5 tasks and save the city. The first task is to put out the fire in a burning blue building - this is done by breaking the fire hydrant below which causes water to gush up and quench the flames. The next task is to bring a runaway doughnut back to the roof of the doughnut shop, using the helicopter's magnet. The third task is to take an injured man from the service station to the hospital (supposedly his foot was runover by the Lamborghini that starts speeding off in the distance.) After saving the injured guy, the man at the service station offers to remove your helicopter shell (which can be glitchy at times) if you stand in front of the garage. The fourth task is to feed the hobo on top of the brown building by stealing the picnic basket found in the park. Afterwards, the hobo gives you a sex tape which you have to find out what to do with. The fifth task is to take the clown from the park and deliver him to the police station, as he is a suspected serial killer. These tasks can be completed in any order; once they are all done, you return to the top of the hospital building and trigger the victory.


  • This level takes all the space horizontally.
  • There is a secret quest which gives you the password for the XML Chamber  level.
  • The helicopter will cause very bad glitches if you bump it around too much.
  • One of bobisdacool1's best cars was used in this level: The Lamborghini Aventador.
  • You can notice you are driving the copter by leaning your autogyro. This seems a bug.


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