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Burger King Thief !! is an adventure level by LWPeterson. It has over 6,000 plays and a rating of 3.84 stars with 19 votes.


This level has simple detail, but is long and difficult. Enter a Burger King, steal the Effective Shopper's order of burgers, and escape! To escape, you must go through the kitchen, where you will fall into a deep hole with green monsters in it.

To get past the green monsters, you must slowly approach them, and once they start charging at you, immediately turn back until they fall to the ground. There are three green monsters that you must get past. Once you get past the three green monsters, there is the boss fight. After the boss fight, you go up, and go through a manhole and back onto the street.

Once back onto the street, you see the Effective Shopper that you stole the burgers from talking to the police officer. They then see you, and the police officer starts chasing after you. You then must go forward to a small plane which you get in, you escape from the police officer, and land in front of your home to the finish.


  • This level was made with the help of Bigbloodhead, Bobisdacool1, and gianlucarueger. Bigbloodhead providing the gumball machine, and the gun the police officer was carrying, Bobisdacool1 providing the General Lee car, and gianlucarueger providing the small getaway plane.
  • This is the first level by LWPeterson to feature a level trailer, and a short animation video based on the level.


Burger King Thief !!- Animated Happy Wheels Short-1

Burger King Thief !!- Animated Happy Wheels Short-1

Burger King Thief !!- Official Trailer

Burger King Thief !!- Official Trailer

Official Trailer