BuildingEscape is a level made by Moshi123. It has a rating of 2.50 stars with two votes, and a play count of 750. You play as Irresponsible Dad.


You start at the roof of some building. If you go backwards, you will see a sign "roof" if you go forwards, watch out for blades.After blades you enter into other building. (Maybe) You will fall on some body parts. After the fall, there is DONT TOUCH US! text. If you touch it, landmine will fall on you. When you pass the landmines there is a 2 TV-s.

First is Plazma TV and 2nd is TJF Default TV.

After the TV-S there is TRY NOT TO DIE! text. There is also an OBSTICLE COURSE where you dodge the blades and spike fall. After finishing the spike fall, you win.



(I really need to change part when you escape from building)

Level start


Spike Fall

Spike Fall