• CrazyJohn Gaming

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  • The2000

    I've seen many good pictures in ways I did not think I'd see on this wiki. For a great example, look at the picture of the TNT from "The Time Lab" by "bobisdacool1" (it's a great level btw). It has no background, which is what I never expected., but how did they pull it off?

    Here's the image for reference :

    So now you know what to look for. I have two ways to do this, however, I will list the one for other users' levels first, as I bet you will see it more.

    If you found this cool level you like, and there's an item you want to take an image of, first of all, that's great! I rarely see levels like that nowadays. I'll use the first rock on the "Happy Green Hills" stage for an example. If it's on this wiki, then slap the tab button and click the…

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  • Mooshry


    November 8, 2016 by Mooshry

    Eh. Just farming badges.

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Yesterday I released my level for TheStressBall's happy Wheels contest! Check it out here:

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  • Lwpeterson50

    So I'm working on stuff for a company I hope to create in the near future, and I want to share what I've made with you guys before I officially launch the company. It's called Proxecto, and it's like for visual design like logos, websites, banners, posters, etc. Here's what I've made so far.

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  • TantasticHD

    Super Meat Boy 3

    February 14, 2016 by TantasticHD

    After 2 Months inactivity on this page im back with a new level called " Super Meat Boy 3" another part of my meat boy series

    Twitter @Tantastic_HW

    Facebook Tantastic HW

    Level :

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  • Lwpeterson50


    February 10, 2016 by Lwpeterson50

    Hey guys, so this wiki is... well... dead. D: Its been an awesome one and a half years, but yeah I think a lot of us have move on from Happy Wheels onto other games that have a more dedicated fanbase, and in general have a lot more stuff going on. If Happy Wheels ever does get more cool updates, I and I think a lot of others will come back as well. Until then though, cya!

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Happy 2016!

    January 1, 2016 by Lwpeterson50

    Happy 2016 everybody!


    Tropical Island speed art part 4 is out too!

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  • CrazyJohn Gaming

    Woh. I am finally back. Long time no see guys.

    I see, this wiki has changed a lot. More people, more content, better levels. I am deeply sorry for my absence, but I am very busy with real life and all these issues, plus it seems I may stop Happy Wheels due to that. I have no other option, but do that, as it seems that "Super cj1" has lost the fame that he once had.

    Again, deeply sorry for this long-lasting absence. I will make sure to be more active here.


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  • Lwpeterson50

    A Problem

    December 24, 2015 by Lwpeterson50

    I can't reply to anyone or post a comment at the moment. >:-(

    Also, I found out today that if you hold down alt, and press a letter on your keybaord, you can type unusual characters like these:


    I think it only works for Mac though.

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    I have been inactive in this site for... months? Anyways I turn 12 a month ago and now here we are, Christmas. Oh, and also I will quit Happy Wheels some were between 125-176 |:(|. Also Marry Christmas {Eve}! :D

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  • TantasticHD

    Shadow Forest

    December 21, 2015 by TantasticHD


    A little sneek peak about the level how it looks :) Playable charakter : Sagway Guy

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Hey guys, Tropical Island part 3 is out now! Part 4 will be the last episode in this series. Watch it here! Don't forget to click the like button if you enjoyed the video, and please let me know what you think! Thanks!

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  • TantasticHD

    Super Meat Boy 2

    November 28, 2015 by TantasticHD

    My best level so far, i spend 2 weeks on it. Hope you like it

    Level info :

    The Ultimate Jump n" Run Level is back ! A better Design and a bigger Map , can you find the second

    way ? Beat Dr.Fetus to Get Bandage Girl back !


    Thats my level for the #Mattsheaproject

    Play here :



    My Twitter - @Tantastic_HW

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  • Bigbloodhead

    Fun Time

    November 15, 2015 by Bigbloodhead

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  • Tayrone11


    November 14, 2015 by Tayrone11

    Alright! it's almost my birthday again :D

    which means i've been on this wiki for over a year now :)

    this wiki has been really useful, much fun to be part of it! i am very glad i got invited here!

    i might get a camcorder for my birthday, so that i can record my art better. i'm so sick of recording with my phone :s

    i recently made a new speedart of donkey kong, it looks pretty good ;)

    Go watch it! :)

    i'm working on a lot right now.

    i keep planning on new projects before i finish one. I KEEP DOING IT XD

    i am working on the happy wheels ideas,

    the pokemon level with _Baum_HD_,

    i started on some goldmine level, -- it's pretty cool! you control a minecart, and there's a control action to dig for gold! however, i might wanna save this up to make it with Th…

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  • Lwpeterson50

    An Announcement

    November 8, 2015 by Lwpeterson50

    Hey guys, so it's become quite clear that Happy Wheels isn't really a game I want to play anymore. I'll put all this in a video, but basically this means that I won't come to this wiki nearily as much now as I just don't have the interest to do it. I'll still check here occasionally, but I won't edit pages or anything.

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  • Tayrone11

    Happy wheels ideas!

    November 1, 2015 by Tayrone11

    I'm going to make a new happy wheels ideas level!

    i made 4 of these, but this one will be NEW!

    so it won't continue from the other parts with shitty ideas, and i won't call it 'Happy Wheels Ideas 5'

    also, this won't have crappy ideas, like multiplayer, new characters, or CUPHOLDERS.

    the editor menu bar's look very similar to those of ghais in my oppinion xD

    if you have any ideas you would like to share, then tell me :3

    i can put it in this level, and give you a credit :)

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  • Bigbloodhead


    October 29, 2015 by Bigbloodhead

    Dude,i wasn't expecting that mouse update! So i don't know if i am going to keep The PlAGuE series.I got some cool creative ideas with this new update!

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  • Tayrone11

    Happy wheels updated !?

    October 27, 2015 by Tayrone11

    nooooo f*cking,.... wayyy

    is it right that you can left click in happy wheels now !??!

    i've been waiting for this like forever !!!!

    i see so many new possibilities!!

    also, triggers can have multiple actions now!

    and selected shapes are outlined blue now!

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  • Tayrone11

    progress n stuff

    October 19, 2015 by Tayrone11

    Here's some updates about the new cave/mine level.

    the bridge and waterfalls from the original cave adventure are there too!

    when you fall down, you have to crawl forward, trying to avoid getting mashed over by a big rock.

    you have to grab the bridge. the bridge will collapse on one side, so you can use the bridge as a rope.

    with the bridge/rope, you swing yourself into lower cavern. here you'll find a minecart.

    thanks to an easy mech i made, you're automaticly tronsported into the minecart. let's roll ;D

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Taco Town OPEN BETA

    October 17, 2015 by Lwpeterson50

    Taco Town is now in an open beta! Play it here:

    Please tell me anything you would like to see changed, added, or fixed!

    Watch the trailer thingy here (does it count as a trailer if they're both released on the same day?):

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  • Tjbravo6

    Minor Update

    October 15, 2015 by Tjbravo6

    I am currently working on a level which I assume is half way done. I'm doing the endscreen/death screen, then I need to add a few more things for gameplay and art. Sadly progress on all of my levels is likely to be pretty slow as I am very busy with school, weekdays and weekends. Anyways here's what I have so far for the death screen.

    If you can guess what this is, I wouldn't know what to say. 

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  • Tayrone11


    October 15, 2015 by Tayrone11

    there's a Q&A coming up onmy youtube channel!

    all i need to do this... is.... questions XD

    so,, what i'm working on right now, i a new level. it's the very detailed cave level! but this time, there will also BE a level, with some action ofc xD

    wel, here's a bunch of screenshots...

    here's the full map so far

    In this level, you can play as any character, without vehicle.

    however, characters who are fat, or have hats/helmets might be a struggle.

    so i recommend moped guy,,.

    i mostly used textures from the cave level i published, but i made

    new ones too!

    at the start of the level, you're launched into a cavern by a rock.

    the beginning is simular to Alice in wonderland x.

    there are also interactive rocks.

    That's it so far.

    Also,, i made something hilarious XD …

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Hey guys, so --Taco Town-- is just about done! Here's what I'm going to do:


    So I'm going to use some quotes from you guys that were in some previous blogs to use in the trailer! They are:

    "It looks so badass"


    "Very cool!"




    If you guys aren't okay with me using these quotes please let me know!

    1. Avaiable for early testing again!

    So once again, Taco Town is avaiable for early testing! Let me know if you would like to test the level, and some way I can privately give you the level XML. Please tell me anything that needs to be fixed, or anything you would like to see added! 

    Also, I would really like maybe one sentence of what you thought overall on the level. Because when I make the trailer, I w…

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  • Bigbloodhead

    The PlAGuE

    October 10, 2015 by Bigbloodhead

    A new series have been created! The PlAGuE is my brand new series where you will play with Segway Guy and Irresponsible Dad.

    The first chapter was released.

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Part 2 of my Tropical Island speed art is out now!

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  • FutureBusMan

    I think it's fairly obvious why I stopped playing in the first place.. Err, make that 4th or 5th place. The overall player community of Happy Wheels as a whole isn't a very good one, nor is it a very intelligent and competent one. It is a community that does not favor levels with even the slightest bit of challenge and a community that seems to be entirely fine with eating up the same uninspired and redone garbo every day. Most of the level publishers only make their levels in hopes of their favorite youtuber senpai noticing them for a few seconds and people are STILL somehow falling for these naked girl levels.

    With all of this in mind it's easy to get uninspired, which may be the reason some of the other far, far more skilled creators lik…

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Taco Town- New Updates!

    September 24, 2015 by Lwpeterson50

    Hey guys, so I just released a new letsplay showing everything new in Taco Town! I did rename the level from The ATacolypse, since I didn't think that was a very good level from the beginning. Please let me know what you think!

    More info about Taco Town.

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  • Lwpeterson50

    So I just released a new tutorial on how to make a jet pack! I think this is worlds better than my old jet pack tutorial. Remember that if you are going to make a jet pack, you don't have to make a spike run level! Please let me know of any questions you have or what you thought of the video.

    Old tutorial in case if you want to see it.

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  • Tayrone11

    that's right!

    i uploaded the Video on my Channel!

    In this video, you'll see my oversized hands drawing the same art you saw in my previous blog post, and being continued in photoshop CC!

    AND, i talk in this video. I sound like a godamn robot XD some people even tell me i sound like the Yandere Dev guy XDD

    well, you've been warned XD


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  • Tayrone11


    September 11, 2015 by Tayrone11

    So... lately i have been leaving HW a little bit. i am doing more art stuff now...

    school has begun for a couple of weeks now, so i have to check on homework and such.... and... it's not going well..

    happy wheels is too distracting for me to do homework. so i tried to continue art instead.... not much better...

    i have not made ANY homework this year :S

    well, if you're actually interested, i'll show you some of the art updates!

    i made this during sociology class.

    Next to my OC scotty, you see my new character!

    i think she's cute xD she is Scotty's Stalker-Girl... Poor Scotty xD

    Well, she doesn't have a name yet.

    Some name suggests i got: Gabby, Roxy, Alexis...

    Tell me which one do you think is the best, or suggest another name if you know a better on…

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    I am making a level that requires a Mech.

    What Mech? The Custom Controllable NPC Mech, Can you people please tell me how to do it?

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  • Lwpeterson50

    So I just released a new speed art video of a Tropical Island! I didn't finish the whole thing, because if I made the entire island in one video, it would be way too long. I am not sure how many videos it will be. This speed art was my own idea, and I hope you like it! Sorry I know I didn't give you guys anything in advance that this speed art was coming. Please let me know what you think, or tell me any questions you have!

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  • Bigbloodhead


    September 4, 2015 by Bigbloodhead

    I was just starting producing my new level,i tested some stuff and then....this happened.I dont know how,i didn't even used jets.

    Check this glitch

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  • Tayrone11

    UPDATE:please read...

    September 3, 2015 by Tayrone11

    so,, i have not been editing for 4 days now. don't worry, i'm still here. i was on a camp with my class. i hoped to spend some more time with some  old classmates, who moved over to a different group. but it turned out dissapointing. i am very depressed now. i might look like a very skilled one on happy wheels.. but in real life, i am one worthless piece of shit, and i hate my life. i might end my life one day. not anytime soon but........ 

    anyway, i'm back now, and i'm gonna continue editing! i was working on a cave to use in the pokemon level i'm making with baum. but it turned out so well, that it's gonna be a level alone first! this cave looks very realistic and detailed. it's quite simuar to the legendary, Happy Green Hills! 

    my style c…

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  • UlyssesK402

    My Lunar Lander...

    August 31, 2015 by UlyssesK402

    Is it OK if I make an article of my Lunar Lander level on this wiki?

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  • Bigbloodhead

    Unbelievable! My PC everytime gets these damn stuff installing without my permission! Now i'm trying to get rid of them but damn,they might be here again once i reboot my pc.

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  • Gasd1432J

    Hello Everyone!

    August 28, 2015 by Gasd1432J

    Hello! If you notice me, that's because I'm on both the Happy Wheels wikia and this wikia.

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  • CrazyJohn Gaming

    the title says it all.

    Cat Mario 1-1


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  • Tayrone11

    is Jim back?

    August 24, 2015 by Tayrone11

    so lately, a lot of people thought jim didn't give a shit about happy wheels anymore.

    but the most of us know that he was working on ios version. so since that's done, is Jim back in the site now?

    is he going to continue looking for the best levels to feature?

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    While I was working on a level with Bran1231... he told me to name the level we where working on.... however this is going to be hard.

    What's the level all about: You get a gift in a box by your best friend, however you forgot that you sold your hammer and your son remembers see-ing a hammer in a tree while you where going to your Shed.... so you have to get past all of the obsicals (Like a obsical course) and get the hammer a -Level victory-


    • Arrow gun in tree
    • Harpoons and the circles
    • Harpoon run

    Anyways, if you tell me a name and I accepted, I will give you a prize 5 out of the choices :).

    Good luck

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  • Tayrone11

    Gotta catch 'em all!

    August 14, 2015 by Tayrone11

    The first person pokemon preview is published!

    i LOVE the pikachu animation O.O i want it wanna hugit omgomgomg

    it looks very accurate too O.o

    next week, Baum HD is back from his vacation, and then we'll start working together!

    [know what? Go play it! i'm sure you can enjoy it!]


    if you're good with animations, you might be useful!

    also, the mechanics could be improved!

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  • Tayrone11

    local saving.

    August 11, 2015 by Tayrone11

    I am loosing my progress sometimes.


    because i TRUSTED the local saver.

    when you save a level, there is a message that says that levels are saved locally as well.

    and yes, first that worked.

    but now i am loosing a lot of work because it's not working :/

    it's REALLY frustrating.

    Alright, something else..

    i decided to make a level with Baum_HD!

    he is a really nice and creative author from Germany, and he has 7000 subs on youtube O.o

    should we invite him to the wiki? XD

    it's gonna be a first person pokémon level!

    with first person, i mean like the scope/sniper levels on HW.

    more like the tomahawk throw. but with pokeballs XD

    i am SO glad that we're going to do this, because it's a very creative idea, and i really love pokemon =D

    along with this, i am go…

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    I'm Making a level Called "Wonder....", Which is a level were you expore the environment and a city and that stuff (Also I Will Try and use my best Art Skills I can do...) I will give lots of credits If course, I will be using the Level Help and that stuff

    Well, these are the thing that are wanted:

    • 1: Plants
    • 2: Houses
    • 3: (Maybe) Rocks
    • 4:
    • 5:
    • 6:
    • 7:
    • 8:
    • 9:
    • 10:

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  • Lwpeterson50

    Big Update Blog

    August 9, 2015 by Lwpeterson50

    So similar to Tayrone11's blog, I'm also going to do more stuff other than Happy Wheels.

    Watch the vlog here.

    So I have been becoming less and less interested in Happy Wheels because of the lack of updates, bad levels etc, so I will be doing games other than Happy Wheels on my channel and I will be spending more of my time away from Happy Wheels. I will still keep doing Happy Wheels letsplays, tutorials, and speed art, just not as often. Here is a list of new things I will to bring to the channel:

    • Team Fortress 2 gameplay
    • A new animation series
    • Garry's Mod
    • Minecraft gameplay
    • Realm of the Mad God gameplay
    • Overwatch gameplay (when the game comes out)
    • Speed arts of all the games mentioned above
    • Possibly some animations of the games mentioned above

    I ho…

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  • Tjbravo6


    August 9, 2015 by Tjbravo6

    So as everyone on this wiki (probably) knows I take a VERY long time making levels (I'm extremely lazy on art and I'm a procrastinator). So I'm wondering if I should make demoes or previews of stuff I've done. These would really just show off a mech or something I've made for a possible level or if I just want to show off a concept I came across (Like Ghais's Pixel Hobo Test). As of now I have about five mechs which I can show off (I will hide some mechs if I decide to make these levels).

    Please tell me what you think about me making these type of levels in the comments.

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)

    I finish a level! Yay! Anyways... I made a part to on my Most Popular Level, And when was the last time I made a level? It will be publish at 12:00am Tomorrow Central Standard Time US. Also, I hope this gets as popular as the Original!

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  • Tayrone11

    Alright,, i finally got my school programs on my mac :)

    such as photoshop, illustrator, after effects, the whole adobe collection XD

    and,, i just want to let you guys know. next to a happy wheels author, i'm also just an artist :3

    and because of happy wheels, there are some things that i haven't done in a long time, like drawing.

    and even though i'm doing some serious stuff in happy wheels, i miss the stuff i used to do before i started making levels...

    so i am going to split the time i spend on happy wheels, to do digital art and drawing. so the progress on my projects will defenitly slow down. a lot.

    i also got a deviantart now.

    it's the same as my hw name.


    i aslo want to spend more time into my furries :3 

    coming up with stories and ch…

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  • Tayrone11

    in my previous blog i told you about my new project 'The Wasteland'. but BEFORE i'm gonna continue this, i'm gonna complete a different project. i almost forgot this one XD


    so,, i kinda changed the plot on this one.

    this monster is NOT evil. he swallows you, because he needs a cure for his heart.

    the level is REALLY easy. BUT there is gonna be a boss battle in this one ;D

    here is the fish-like monster. so cute~

    the blood liquid under his tongue is animated. his eye blinks.

    There are only three rooms in this guy.

    ROOM 1!


    no hazards at all. just one interactive bone.

    ROOM 2!

    an acid pool. great!

    this one's animated too.

    it's not too hard to avoid. just.... do id's leaning jump thingy..

    ROOM 3!

    The b…

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