There are various jetpack levels on Happy Wheels. You can make yours by just making a jetpack. Let's see how t make one.

The vehicle

As you know, jetpacks are just vehicles, without wheels. So let's see what to make.

Firstly, choose the character you'd like and force. I'll use the Segway Guy (Image 1) but the procedure is the same to every character. But you'd better use the Segway Guy, the Irresponsible Dad/Mom or the Wheelchair Guy.

Jetpack 01

Then, make this kind of rectangles and surround the Segway Guy. (Image 2)

Jetpack 02

Make sure the rectangles are not fixed. Select them all by holding Shift and group them. Don't set as vehicle yet.

Add jets

You now must attach the jets and check whether it's fine. It's normal for us not to control it, since it's not a vehicle yet.

In the example I'll only use one jet.

Important: Check the jet's fixed angle box and place it between two rectangles. (Image 3)

Jetpack 03

Then, add 4 pin joints in the place where the jet and one rectangle collide. (Image 4)

Jetpack 04

Only one joint should remain there (Joint 1). Remove one in the jet (Joint 2), another on the down of the rectangle (Joint 3) and another on the up of the other rectangle (Joint 4). (Image 5)

Jetpack 05

After that, test level and the jet will move and will take the main character and the group with it. If so, you can select the group and set as vehicle. If not, you have a problem and have to remove and replace the pin joints.

Some parameters

You should change some things within the vehicle. (Image 6) The only one necessary is "space action:2"

Jetpack 06

The only thing left is to change the vehicle's opacity to 0, because it's really ugly.

Double-click a rectangle and the background will become darker. Select all the rectangles and turn the opacity into 0 (Image 7). Finally, double-click the background again.

Jetpack 07

One jetpack, a variety of ideas

Of course, it's not necessary to make a classic jetpack run with spikes. You can come up with a lot of ideas, just think a bit.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or see my video tutorial. I used the Irresponsible Dad.

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