BOOMBOX DELIVERY PRO is a challenge level by stamsarger. It currently (as of 26th June 2015) has 2.918 plays and a rating of 2.78 (2.63 weighted) out of 9 votes. Helicopter Man is the forced character.


The instructions are within the level. You must activate your magnet, grab a boombox (a special item, available in "miscellaneous") and transport it to the trigger victory (Note: it can only be triggered by the boombox). Over you, there is a BIG spike set and under you, there are several landmines. It is extremely hard, and I personally only beat it once.


Background and colors

The main color is black. The rectangle below the main character is black with a purple outline. The spike set is like any other usual one. The text with the instructions is purple.


  • Part of the Challenge list.
  • I used very few shapes to make it, about 30 (the landmines take a lot).

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