The running shadow figure in Above The Sky Pt. 1

Above The Sky Part 1 & 2 were created by FutureBusMan. They are his first two levels and stand at a few thousand plays a piece, but with very high ratings.

(Play Pt. 1)

(Play Pt. 2)

About The Levels

Above The Sky was intended to be a multiple part level series with a mysterious/unsettling theme. The level apparently takes place high above the clouds on floating shadow islands. Along the way, the player begins to see glimpses of shadowed figures.

In part two, the figures begin to blatantly show themselves. The player begins to frequently see them at the corner of the screen or standing, menacingly, in front of the player.

About 3 months after the release of Part 2, FutureBusMan began to work on Part 3 with a user by the name of mctrash. The level was eventually left behind due to the busy schedule of both individuals. Part 3 will be in re-creation a few weeks from now.



The running shadow figure in Above The Sky Pt. 1


The beginning of Above The Sky Part 2.


The shadow figure you confront in Above The Sky part 2. It has a 95% chance of killing the child.


The transport island in Part 2. The shadow figures' powers will attempt to knock you off at one point.

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