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--Taco Town-- is now in beta! Please let me, Mr.Larry know of anything you would like to see changed, added, or fixed.

--Taco Town-- is a level by LWPeterson. The open beta currently has 9,000 plays, with a rating of 3.85 stars with 61 votes. Effective Shopper is the playable character.


Coming soon.

Changes coming in the final version

  • Make the level playable as any character. This will fix mobility issues people are having (myself included)</li>
    • Add sound effects when the tacos hit the ground
    • Add an opacity fading shadow as the tacos fall
    • Add a sound effect as the little boy screams when the taco falls behind him
    • Make some of the stores shorter
    • Add more stuff in the cave, like props and items
    • Use the cop motorcycle at the end more and add more vehicles.
    • Make it easer to get out at the end of the cave, maybe a boost or a fan
    • Add more trucks and people at the very end of the level
    • Make a more 'developed' end screen
    • Add a light opacity black art shape to show where the exact ground is at Fersencoff Hills.
    • Add some small tents and sheds, commonly seen in an apocylypse. One of these will show exactly where the person will be teleported in the black hole.
    • Add some sound effects in the cave
    • I will try to fix some issues with the minecarts and cave in general, but this will be hard.
    • Add more hats for NPCs, and possibly some clothing.
    • Make it so Helicopter Man's hat is not floating.
    • Will possibly fix some issues with groups and layers.
    • Add more tacos, both interactive killing the player, and non-interactive causing destrucion.
    • Fix a shameful spelling error


    Coming soon.


    --Taco Town-- Now in beta!01:05

    --Taco Town-- Now in beta!


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