--Green Lands-- HD is a level made by TheJumperHW. It currently has a rating of 4.48 stars from of 29 votes and 6,200 plays. It is the first HD level by TheJumperHW. The playable character is Irresponsible Dad.


You and your son are walking in Happy Wheels Park...but while walking, you discover that the police are searching for you. You do not know why the police are searching for you, but you must escape to the sea with a boat. The level is easy.

Level Type

It is an Adventure Level, No skills in Happy Wheels Required.


  • This level is TheJumperHW's first level.
  • This level is TheJumperHW's first HD level.
  • The rock is inspired from Happy Green Hills
  • The policeman is the Segway Police (Lol).
  • The music can be activated by clicking the button "Activate Music."


  1. 1.A Easter Egg Can Be Found In the Start Rock. The Text says "You have found a Easter Egg, You received A Biscuits"
  2. A Second Easter Egg Can Be Found at the end of the Level, In the Sea
  3. A Jim bonacci Manifest Can be found in Sky, but it is hard to find.


First Easter EGG

First Easter Egg.


Last Easter Egg.


Another Level's Screenshoot.


Third Level Screenshoot.

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