The starting screen,modified by paint.

-=The World War II=- is a level by Bigbloodhead. It has 1600+ play count with a rating 4.60 with under 4 votes. Segway guy is the forced character. it is a mission level.


The starting screen says "1932 Berlin,germany D-Day" and after this, you start the mission. The german soldiers start to shoot and your friends hide on the barrier. One soldier throw a smoke grenade, so the germans stop shooting. You then infiltrate the bunker Shmerz, and then a soldier try to shoot you. After, you press a button to open the elevator, and go to it. A black screen will disappear, this is used to represent what your soldier are seeing. Behind you has a soldier with an spear, you need evade him and press the other button to activate the last elevator. Again, a black screen disappears, revealing the top part of the bunker. There is an elf soldier camping to kill you, and another with a Stg.44. You then find another soldier, which is the bunker officer. You fall off and enter the gunpowder room. You then plant the bomb, and escape it. As you escape, the end screen shows up, and you win the level.


  • Once you start moving, yellow gun bullets will fall and possibly kill you.
  • This level was based in the last mission of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault.Stg.44 is also based. Another gun added to the level is the Scar Light.

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