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• 2/8/2015


So IAMURHUSBAND joind this wiki a while ago, but I think he is an imposter. He never do simple things to prove he is the real one, like take a screenshot of his level. He made pages of his levels a while ago, and then he left this wiki. I think we should just delete all of his pages of his levels, as its clear he is an imposter.

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• 2/6/2015

Don't you remember? He has a family!

• 2/8/2015

Yes, but we asked him to take a screenshot of his levels in the level editor, but he just ignored it. After we asked him on both this wiki and the Happy Wheels wiki, he still was active and replied to people, everything except his requests to take the screenshots.

• 2/9/2015

Yeah,He just disappeared and ignored most of the requests to prove that he wasn't an imposter.

• 2/14/2015

Ok, I'll delete his level pages.

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